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Green Initiatives

Inspiration For This Hotel Comes Naturally.

The Sidney Pier Hotel & Spa is committed to sustainable practices that preserve the delicate balance of our natural environment and its resources. Our mandate is to apply eco-friendly criteria to all of our decision-making. By minimizing our ecological footprint, we hope to set an example for responsible and sustainable Tourism that others are inspired to follow.

Reduce | Eco-Smart By Design

  • Customized geo-thermal heat pumps warm and cool the building by borrowing and returning excess heat from the ocean, reducing energy consumption by up to 60%.

  • Heat Recovery Systems are used in the kitchen and laundry facility for hot water generation.

  • Solar shading and low-e glass have been installed for higher efficiency and to reduce the impact of direct sun exposure.

  • LED lights are used throughout the building, reducing energy consumption and maintenance costs.

Making Waste An Unwanted Guest

  • Tyneham amenities are proudly featured in refillable dispensers throughout the hotel, including all guestrooms, suites, spa, and public washroom facilities. Tyneham products are sodium-laurel-sulfate free and scented with pure essential oils.

  • Computers and fluorescent lights are turned off when offices are not in use.

  • Resumes and employment applications are stored electronically to reduce paper consumption.

  • Low flush toilets in guestrooms to reduce water consumption.

  • Organic & environmentally sensitive products are used in the spa & salon for treatments as well as for retail. Haven Spa also supports suppliers who use recycled packaging and donate a portion of their profits to charity, and is a designated Green Circle Salons.

Going Green

  • Employees to car-pool when possible and ride-share programs are coordinated for all staff events.

  • BC Transit bus passes are subsidized by 50% to encourage a more eco-friendly way of commuting.

  • Shuttle service is offered to guests during peak summer, in an effort to promote eco-friendly travel.

Keeping It Clean

  • Reusable microfibre cloths are used by the Housekeeping department to help eliminate waste.

  • Enviro-friendly Ecolab cleaners are used to help increase safety, lower the use of water and energy, and reduce the chemicals and waste released to the environment. These products include: glass cleaner, bathroom cleaner, neutral floor cleaner, all purpose bactericidal cleaner and air freshener.

  • Ecolab Formula One is used for the in-house laundry process. The product is concentrated in small capsules, which means less waste and minimal chemical contact. Formula One claims to reduce the wash cycle by up to 30%, water costs up to 18%, and energy costs by up to 25%.

  • The other cleaning system employed is Oasis Pro, which is non-combustible, non-corrosive and non-toxic to humans when diluted for use. It is also safe for aquatic life when diluted, and contains no chlorine, NPE, EDTA or NTA, with VOC levels under 1%. Free of known carcinogens and reproductive hazards, the product comes in small collapsible bags that fit into an automatic dispenser, preventing additional waste.

  • Bio-degradable Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide (AHP) is used to clean the Haven Spa steam room facilities.


  • In addition to recycling the basics (paper, plastic, cardboard, glass and cans) in all guestrooms, suites and offices, reusable nail files are sterilized in the spa to reduce unnecessary waste.

  • Guest Reception prints double-sided copies, whenever possible, and creates recycled notepads with used copy paper.

  • All hotel stationary and collateral, including brochures and rack cards are printed on post consumer recycled paper stock.

  • Staff are encouraged to bring in used household batteries (in addition to ones that are used in the hotel operation) and the hotel pays to have a local company collect them and properly disposed of them.