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We are 11 minutes from Victoria International Airport

The Sidney Pier Hotel & Spa is located directly on the water in Sidney, BC. We are just an 11-minute drive from Victoria International Airport. 

If you have questions about our hotel or would like to book hotel accommodation for an upcoming visit to Sidney, BC, please reach out to us.  

Give us a call long distance at 1-866-659-9445 or local 250-655-9445 any time. We know there are a million communication options out there but believe it or not, we actually like talking to our guests and prefer that you give us a ring whenever you have a question. If email is your game, drop us a note at Below is a list of our team members who are here to help you with your specific needs. 

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General Manager - Lisa Nordstrom

Operations Manager - Jodie Halls

Social Media & Marketing - Haylen Nordstrom