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The Sidney Pier Hotel & Spa is proud to partner with 10 Acres Farm & Restaurant Group to offer an outstanding dining experience at our hotel. With a modern, bright and energetic dining room and an ocean-view patio, 10 Acres at The Pier is the ideal gathering spot for friends, family or colleagues to savor fresh, delicious farm-to-table cuisine. The menu is complemented by a curated bar program highlighted by cocktails crafted with 10 Acres Farm fruits and herbs, some of Vancouver Island’s best-brewed beers and spirits and the finest wine cellar on the peninsula. For 10 Acres at The Pier inquiries or reservations, please call 250.655.9763. To get in touch with 10 Acres Cafe & Market please call 250.655.9765.

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Ten Acres at The Pier

The twice weekly harvest from our 10 Acres farm is the foundation of our menus – season by season. This matters for you as our guest, enjoying the most nutrient-dense fresh foods, grown right here; but also for our chefs, offering inspiration where it counts – on the plate.

10 Acres At The Pier